Kanoksak Wattanachote, Timothy K. Shih and Kumara W. G. C. W.

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Change in dynamic texture visualization to provide a new look both in dynamic appearance and intensity connectivity is given as the definition for dynamic texture transformation. For instance, a waterfall scene in a video can be appeared as a fire texture or vice versa. This paper proposes a novel method for dynamic texture transformation between two dynamic textures in video clips. The goal was to find out techniques to display dynamic texture with varying dynamics and appearances in a video. Patch transfer is a concept with the assumption of two dynamic textures can have a patch that is identical in appearance but different in dynamics. Patch transfer is composed of two modules, the patch searching module being the first. An irregular shaped patch is designed to find out the congruent regions on source and target dynamic textures. The second module is responsible for patch transfer by adapting to the output of the template matching algorithm. Here, we propose a new algorithm for template matching which allows the matching to be occurred only in the Texture of Interest (TOI), and two methods for real-time segmentation to find the TOI. The experimental results show that each patch can realize the matching algorithm with effectively enhanced matching accuracy.


Figure (a)-(j) Demonstrates the experimental results of dynamic texture transformation. The first two columns show the original video clips. The last column shows the new look of dynamic texture in the video.

(a) The Firefall.avi was derived from Havasupai Indian Waterfall.avi and Beautiful Fire.avi.
(b) The Treefall.avi was derived from Waterflow.avi and Curls Weeping Willow.avi.
(c) The Smoke Ants.avi was derived from Busfire Smoke.avi and Flooded Antsnest.avi.
(d) The Fishcloud Grass.avi was derived from Busfire Smoke.avi and Green Fishcloud.avi.
(e) The Smoke Ants and Fishcloud Grass.avi was derived from Busfire Smoke.avi, Green Fishcloud.avi and Flooded Antsnest.avi.
(f) The NASA Rocket 2009.avi was derived from NASA Ares I-X Rocket.avi and Tulipfield in Holland.avi.
(g) The Orange Lavafall.avi was derived from Havasupai Indian Waterfall 2.avi and Kilauea Volcano Lava.avi.
(h) The Fishcloud Lava.avi was derived from Kilauea Volcano Lava.avi and Green Fishcloud.avi.
(i) The Red Lavafall.avi was derived from Havasupai Indian Waterfall 2.avi and Volcano Lava.avi.
(j) The Coke Hair.avi was derived from Hair.avi and Volcano Lava.avi.